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Two definitions.

1. Used by literate writers in the real world for note taking, mostly at school or college. Usually just abbreviated forms of words, they also can use symbols or different pieces of text that symbolize longer parts of text. Usually shorthand is easier to be read by the writer, for all shorthand is unique to its user. Some abbreviate different things.

2. Used by illiterate noobs online. they speak with no grammar, and make no sense. They cannot seem to spell, and seem to randomly press keys.
1. Need to go to the stor to by food. An i need sum fud.

2. "LoLz, TAht Iz ZO Fuunneh! I LUvz ity@! LA0ol!"
"Wtf? What are you saying?"
"LoLZ N0)B! You GheySX!1 Im Spekkin ShrtHAd!"
"That isnt shorthand nubtard. This is."
"NOeZ! Tis ISs ShrtNd!"
" Shut up."
by Inanimate May 30, 2007
1. Someone who sucks.

2. A professioanl liar.

3. A retard who gets votes.

4. A professioanl punchbag for conspiracy theories.

5. Someone who follows politicianaryism.
The liar could be called a Politician , if you were so kind.
by Inanimate December 13, 2007
A coombination of the the words PUBLICITY and PHAGE, latin for eater/eat.The scientific word for a drama queen. Or someone who likes attention, no matter the means to get it.
Lucy, being a publicitiphage, literally screamed for attention.
by Inanimate December 13, 2007
Meaning to be someone or something who has the way of being professionally amazing or professionally interesting, the way someone who does something extremely professionaly, or very professional.
His photos were so professional, he must be follow professionalisticlyism.
by Inanimate December 13, 2007
Its the way of the politician, where you sneak out of stuff, do scandals, and lie about things.
He followed the way of Policiticianaryism, sneaking away his mistake.
by Inanimate December 13, 2007
The icon of Emos. Their main item of suicide. They slit their wrists with it.
"Go get a razor blade."
by Inanimate May 30, 2007
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