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A retard. Used by Stan on Make Love, Not Warcraft.
Randy: You've been on your computer all weekend, shouldn't you go out and socialize with your friends?

Stan: I am socializing r-tard. I'm logged to an MMORPG with people from all over the world and getting XP with my party using TeamSpeak.

Randy: ... I'm not a r-tard.
by krazykushluk March 04, 2007

8==D is the dong.
(_(__| is the butt.

8==D + (_(__| = Buttsecks.
8==D(_(__|! LoL! Buttsecks! Me like!
by krazykushluk November 12, 2006
A MMORPG that lets you play in two different nations.

There is El Morad, which is Human, and Karus, which consists of Orcs.

There is also a Barbarian 'nation', you can only make a Warrior if you are a Barbarian.

This game is usually crowded with idiotic Turk]s, 98% of which cannot speak English properly and uses KoXP, a hacking program used to level up faster in the game.

This game is also filled with idiots that want to ruin the game for others, like luring high-leveled monsters into towns, killing everyone that is trying to stay AFK, selling their items to other players.

Overall, this game can be fun and addicting, but the huge amount of hackers and Turks running around in the game can be frustrating.
Knight Online is a good game, but has been overrun by idiotic Turks.
by krazykushluk August 18, 2006
Shorthand typing.

Usually used in online games and instant messengers like AIM.

The person that is 'shorthanding' usually types messages with many fragments and errors, and no punctuation either.
Idiot: hey guyz wat up
Smart Person: Nothing much, you?
Idiot: lolZ, i wsa jus t @ my cuzzins house
Smart Person: Cool, what did you do there?
Idiot: we playd some halo, den we went outsid 2 plya sum basket ball
Idiot: we had a lto of fnu
Smart Person: I have no idea what you just said, please stop shorthanding.
Idiot: lolZ @ dat!
Idiot: no wya!!
-Note: This took me around 10 minutes to write.-
by krazykushluk August 17, 2006
The acronym for "Milk them Nipples".
Man, I'm gonna MTN my brother tonight.
by krazykushluk May 16, 2005
"Laughing out laughing my ass oh my fucking god."

Usually used by idiots with an IQ under 50.
Person 1: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Person 1: Because it wanted to get to the other side.
by krazykushluk August 17, 2006
A tiny weiner.

The 8 is the balls.
The - is the tiny shaft.
The > is the nonexistant "mushroom"

It can also be used as a happy face.

The 8 is a pair of sunglasses.
The - is the nose.
The > is the mouth.
EX. 1
Robert: Heh. Joe has a 8->. He's not a man.
Steve: Haha!
Joe: What!?
Robert: ...
Steven: ...
Robert: You have a small dick.

EX. 2

Robert: Haha, Joe! You're so cool!
Steve: Yeah!
Joe: 8->
Robert: OMG! You have a tiny weiner!
by krazykushluk November 12, 2006

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