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another form of loser.
your a lozer, man
by Sydney February 18, 2004
a person that is crazy or funny
lol dude ur a lozer.
omg there was this lozer walking down the street.
by swimmerrw May 13, 2007
A person completely and hopelessly obsessed with the videogame series, 'The Legend of Zelda', often to the point of being a living breathing strategy guide, and using 'Link Logic' to solve everyday problems.
Manager : Why is Dave pushing those crates around the warehouse? He's supposed to be on psychiatric leave.

Shift Leader : He's trying to find the switch that opens the gate to Ganon's Fortress... What a LoZer...
by Ding, Hero of Thyme October 04, 2011
a super loser, a modified version of "loser"
Wow, watching America's Funniest Home Videos on a saturday night...lozer...
by not_a_lozer October 10, 2007
a loser who thinks hes cool. and doesnt know he is a loser.
Lozer: hey me-shell, wanna go out with me?

me-shell: umm...not really

Lozer: aww cmon i have some ultimate 1337 haxxor skills i can show you

me-shell: (pulls out her pepper spray and runs)
by Fred D Flip May 02, 2005
Someone really cool who is obsessed with Ke$ha and therefore not actually cool
Chandler is such a lozer. did you hear him singing Tik Tok in the car???
by stargirl28e April 10, 2010

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