The action of slapping (or necking)someone across the back of the name when they say/ do something incredibly is distastefully overused at BullardHighschool(were the word originated)
and no matter how many times ya neck someone they
STILL continue with their stupid bidness!....neck on that!
Arielle: "this morning i wasn't paying attention and ran into a pole"

Kassandra: "NECK!!!!!!!"
(followed by a well deserved slap across the back of the neck)
#neck #neck! #can i get a neck #stupid #ritard
by Hishimoko July 23, 2009
When you trick someone into looking at something that isnt there or true
1-Yo its snowing
2-Realy??(looking out window)
1-Hell no. give me that neck
#smack #give #that neck #dummies #doe
by manexx August 27, 2008
When someone says something remandable, you make a chopping motion toward their neck.
I'm going to get thy neck!
#chop #battapattafishispatta #damontouch #rock #power rangers
by Scott K Clark February 27, 2007
short for "Bottleneck". The top section of a bottle broken off about 2 to 3 inches long with a girrick in the end to hold the weed and prevent it from being sucked down the throat when it is lit from the jagged end.
Lets have a decent skyf. Make a neck.
#pipe #bong #skyf #zoll #dope
by SiLvErMaN May 04, 2007
Term used in VA. a slang term meaning a blowjob or beatin the pussy. Usually the act of "gettin some neck."
1) I was gettin some neck!!
2)Yo mama gave me some Neck lass night.
#fuck #pussy #head #coochie #dick
by Doctor_Blac April 15, 2008
in smoking; to consume almost completely
Pass the blunt, you're necking it. Don't neck the blunt!
#necking #necker #neckable #neck #nek
by Jonathan "Jay" Gomez December 17, 2007
originated in summit high school, you violently smack the person in the neck for sayings something retarded.
give me yo neck.
by austin bowman June 06, 2004
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