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4 definitions by sugarjay9

Used describe 2 people ferociously kissing with tongues.
"Seen them two necking on, they should get a room"

"Shall we neck on?"
by sugarjay9 April 27, 2010
9 0
A term used to describe a man who is under the thumb.

As in does everything his girlfriend says.

also known as pussy whipped.
Is Lee France out tonight?

Nah mate, you know the crack there, his bird has his bollocks like dice.
by sugarjay9 July 10, 2010
6 1
A slang term for the beverage Rose wine and Jim Bean Whiskey. Popular in northern england.

"Rosie and Jim" was a succesful childrens program on british tv in the 90's.
"Rosie and jim please landlord"
by sugarjay9 April 27, 2010
5 0
A term used to describe sperm.
"Drink my white hot love piss"
by SugarJay9 April 26, 2010
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