A way to humiliate emo kids by hitting them in the back of the neck for no reason, often leading them to suicide.
Was made popular when President OBama necked his wife so hard she fell unconscious.
Jerk 1: LOL, an EMO KID! Let's go make them DIE!
Jerk 2: Should we neck them?
Jerk 1: We should!
* Emo kid is necked *
Emo Kid: FUCK YOU!
* Emo kid has commited suicide*
by SicSemperTyrannis. December 13, 2010
1.)To Smoke Some Weed

2.)A Slang_Word For Gounge
3.)Another Word for smoking a blunt
Emilio:Hey Lets Neck The Other Blunt!
Ronnie.:Fuckk it Im Down.!
Emilio:Aight Then
Sparkn a Blunt I The Background
by E_NeckK August 18, 2010
the act of open-hand slapping someone on the back of their neck after saying or doing something stupid or going against common sence
teacher: where is the great wall of china located?
person 1: japan?
person 2: neck!!!!
by ww.t_o.4life March 21, 2008
A word gay men use when they have an urge to take it up the butt.
Frank wanted to take a dick up his ass so he blurted out neck
by Disksheje April 12, 2014
when giving a guy a blow job you put his whole penis is his mouth, up to the neck of his penis
Before we fuck, can you neck me.
by givemethatbeckyyyy October 18, 2010
(Noun) To consume a measure of narcotics, usually referring to ecstasy.
Jennifer: Are you going to neck tonight?
Dimitri: Too fuckin' right - I'm going to get loved up and dance with the pixies :)

(Jennifer: Are you planning to take any ecstasy this evening?
Dimitri: I certainly am - I'm going to have a very good night and do some crazy dancing)
by Omiou July 10, 2008
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