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Harry Styles from one direction's nickname called hazza by most directioners
Hazza is my favorite member of 1D
by laurenk1d July 23, 2012
163 36
a god-loving dude that is not Christian but believes in the walk of life of Jesus.
a very respected, highly thought of, man child that loves to drink Blavod.
Omg you are such a hazza ! :O
by muhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha November 28, 2009
89 79
Okay, agreed, yup
Mason: That chic is so hot
Greg: Hazza
by the super kewl ginger hawtie October 23, 2011
42 64
a big fat gay ferrer lover
ferrer: i love hazza
by ufgdstidsfgf January 03, 2007
53 100
big hairy dog, also known as smeag, smeagol, schteve etc. Chases cats, lays eggs and listens to radio 2 in the dark place.
hazza managed to break into the microwave and eat that 2 month old curry. c'mere hazza... good boy.
by Monkey Handler November 23, 2004
43 101