Used as emphatic suffix, -neck is used to amplify the meaning of any used adjective.
"Did you see my skills yo? They were fresh-neck, mang!"
by gl0tch July 05, 2005
Term used to describe the act of downing a drink in one.

"go on Ben, neck that beer"
by keefy83 October 20, 2005
is what a girl uses to sitmulate a mans penis in order to get him aroused
A girl is about to run the mans some neck to satisfy herself and others
by D. Warbucks September 09, 2006
Modern day way of saying, "made ya look", when causing someone to turn their head to look at something that isn't really there.
guy- It's snowing
::other guy looks out the window::
by JW March 15, 2005
slang term for a penis
"But officer, we were just necking".

"Well, put your neck back in your pantz and get out of the park."
by Junior January 05, 2004
a girl dumb enough to mosh with guys so big that they will break her neck. Also a term for a girl who gets 18+ shows shut down in your town.
Strife is coming to town and we were all going, but Neck ruined everything.
by Scooterpie April 30, 2005
Neck (v.) To insult or roast another person.
Neck (n.) an insulting comment
He just necked the shit out of him.
I've been getting mad neck on this haircut all day, its the last time i'll ever go to that barber.
That guy roasts so well! He's got necks on deck
by necks-on-deck December 26, 2015

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