Something thats stupid or doesnt make sense.
Person 1: I'm painting a picture of a green apple but I need to go to the store and buy purple paint.

Person 2: Why would you need purple paint to paint a green apple. That's a neck.
by bello_misterioso February 03, 2007
another common term used for head or oral sex.
jason: when was the last time you got some neck bro?
sam: it been a while man, my girl doesn't like oral sex.
by O.G Blackman July 22, 2014
To inflict pain on the back of a person's neck for saying or doing something morally wrong or unintellectual.

You may also get a "neck" when you saying something very irrelevant to a certain topic; or when you say/ write something stupid or extremely unnecessary.
Person #1 : Dude, I just got that girl's number!

Person #2 : The one with the long hair?

Person #1 : Yeah!

Person #2 : ....Dude.....That's a guy.

Person #1 : OMFG.

Person #2 : NECK.
by youderserveNECK March 02, 2011
Taking it to the neck is when a person decides that they are going to drink beer, as their highest priority, until they are --necked--. This type of behavior can be described as -necking-. When someone is necking they are only concentrated on their drinking and are bound to make inappropriate comments, gestures, and terrible decisions as the night/day progresses.
During a keg party someone decides that they are going to start off with a couple of keg stands. Billy, we will call him, not only loved his first keg stand, but gets down screaming, "Time to NECK it boys," while simultaneously furrowing his brow and pointing all ten fingers at his neck.

Nobody else thinks this is a good idea, but usually their is a fellow necker in the crowd, Tommy, who is also down. He instead of firing after the keg goes for the closest bottle of liquor screaming, "Time to NECK CITY fellas" and takes entirely to much vodka to his neck, which leads to the inevitable immediate puke session.

These gentlemen have no chance at scoring with any girls tonight, but they will try there best to overcome this extreme unnecessary behavior by chest bumping and getting so rowdy that they clear the party out. Once they realize that they are the only ones left by the keg they panic and rush to the nearest social venue, which is usually a bar. They demand entry, even though they are too hammered, and if the bouncer is dumb enough to let them in problems are headed his/ her way. They will call eachother the next morning and talk about how awesome it was, but in reality they were the biggest losers at the bar and have made several enemies at this point. The necking usually ends when the morning puke takes place, which is ofcourse another consequence.
by Tommy to the neck Jackson September 22, 2010
To drink quickly, especially relating to alcoholic beverages.
I watched Pat neck Natty Ices all night. Then he got in a car and wrapped it around a telephone pole. True story.
by daveyblanco May 05, 2010
the act of one taking his hand in a karate form and swiping across anothers back side neck, usually after one says something stupid
"call of duty is stupid"
"thats a neck"
by Dr Rowe March 19, 2010
A saying that young people often use to say something is stupid.
Thatz neck,i cant believe you think that the year is 2001 when the year is really 2007.
by Tavaun October 14, 2007
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