To be physically, mentally, and/or spiritually gifted and attributed in what you do.
Peter proved he had no neck, when he didn't have the guts to ask Sally out.

Clayton showed how crazy his neck was when he rode his bike with one hand.
by master neck August 29, 2010
another common term used for head or oral sex.
jason: when was the last time you got some neck bro?
sam: it been a while man, my girl doesn't like oral sex.
by O.G Blackman July 22, 2014
the act of using two fingers and swapping them hard across the neck of yourself or someone else because they said a ridiculous answer.
We gave John a neck for saying that fishes are mammals
by youshouldgiveoutnecks January 23, 2012
Part of your face.
Just like one's face, the neck gets acne too!
by psssttt13 June 18, 2011
To inflict pain on the back of a person's neck for saying or doing something morally wrong or unintellectual.

You may also get a "neck" when you saying something very irrelevant to a certain topic; or when you say/ write something stupid or extremely unnecessary.
Person #1 : Dude, I just got that girl's number!

Person #2 : The one with the long hair?

Person #1 : Yeah!

Person #2 : ....Dude.....That's a guy.

Person #1 : OMFG.

Person #2 : NECK.
by youderserveNECK March 02, 2011
To drink quickly, especially relating to alcoholic beverages.
I watched Pat neck Natty Ices all night. Then he got in a car and wrapped it around a telephone pole. True story.
by daveyblanco May 05, 2010
the act of one taking his hand in a karate form and swiping across anothers back side neck, usually after one says something stupid
"call of duty is stupid"
"thats a neck"
by Dr Rowe March 19, 2010

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