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Condition where an impatient driver repeatedly inches towards the car in front of him through the duration of a red traffic light.
Damn, the dude behind me has a serious case of Lightfoot and is creeping up my bumper as if it's going to get him to work earlier.
by TDSing January 21, 2013
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When presented with a long list of complicated tasks and one takes the easiest possible route, doing things incorrectly and cutting corners to the extreme.
Jim: Our sales reps have gotten really lazy lately. I've gotten 30 invoices in the past five days for the same account. They're just fudging their numbers as they go along with no recourse for the past.
Sue: I know. I used to try to keep up with it correctly, but now I'm just lightfooting it.
by jjason82 April 06, 2009

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