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v. slang; swallowed (Scottish dialect)
Victor held out his hand and took the pill from Gavin, which he quickly necked.
by Existential Ghost November 06, 2009
Being clotheless, but with a lover - not to be confused with naked.
I walked in on my wife necked with another man.
by Pat McGoohan March 01, 2004
1. skulling or downing a beer or other alcoholic drink in one arm movement

2. a drunken state caused from necking too many beers
1. mate did just u see Quinn Doggs with that pint of beer?
he just necked it!

2. look at Wilkie he is necked!
by Morrissey February 19, 2006
(Necking/to be Necked)
The act of a paedophile cutting someone's neck with a sharp blade or knife, then having sex with the open wound.
Craig: "Did you see James this morning?"

Sam: "Yeh, looks like Mr. B. necked him again!"

Craig: "Oh well, he seems to like it."
by The Jerd March 26, 2007