un cool
person 1: ima striaght up g
person 2: man u hella neck
person 3: i know get yo neck ass outta here
by Doug Brian April 28, 2007
A bad place to get stabbed. a new trend in California high schools.
Me:M-dawg stabbed me in the neck with a pen for no freaking reason
JJ: what did you do?
Me: I kicked him in the balls and yelled "PWND!"
JJ: dude, thats fucked up.
by r0flc0pt0r November 16, 2007
A flannel shirt-wearing, pickup-truck-driving, farmer-tan-sporting, tobacco-spitting asshole redneck.
"Look at the dumbass 'neck with cowboy stripes (chew spit dribble) on the side of his 12-foot-tall F-350 crew cab monster pile of shit>"
by Keith November 29, 2003
the part that holds up ur head dumbass!
My neck hurts, which is strange because i have a shrunken head so it's not doing much work....damn lazy neck!
by coca October 31, 2003
oral sex on a man
paige gives good neck
by fred April 17, 2003
Something the Criminologist doesn't have.
This man has no fucking neck.
by jesus beans July 21, 2003
1. what you do to someone if they pull a d bag move
1. Mehrad thats a neck for breathing
by Pourya Zandi December 11, 2005
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