Used as an insult.
Like wet, but slightly less hydrated.

For example being "moist blud" is like being a 'wet man', but not quite AS damp.
When cussin man down: "You are MOIST bruv! Not even a ting!"
by alldabitchesanddahoes January 23, 2011
Top Definition
When a female becomes sexually aroused.
He's so hot, I’ve got moist vaginal fluid.

I want you, I'm so moist in the nether regions.
by Jon_T January 25, 2006
To be referred to as moist is to say you are ill informed or have said something idiotic or embarrassing.
Moist can also be used to describe a situation or occurrence. If someone is faced with a circumstance that is particularly displeasing it's also acceptable to say something like 'rahh that's moist'.
'I've got no friends man!'
'Allow that your bare moist'

'I can't man I'm going to my parents wedding'

Thats moist / Your moist / or if you want to be harsh simply just say...Moist
by ntmm March 22, 2010
The greatest word in the dictionary. Add to an innocent sentence to make it sound dirty. Double the pleasure by combining with words like panties and genitals. Moist is the perfect word to make others uncomfortable.
"That's so moist."
"Dude, unless you're describing cake, moist isn't very cool."

"Doesn't that make your panties moist?"
<Group of listeners disperses with looks of disgust>
by Donkey Punching Queen December 11, 2012
borderline gay.
1. Man: Yeah dude, her purse is real cute!

Man 2: That was a real moist statement!

2. Man: The girls arent here yet? Oh, we dont need any chicks to have fun right guys?!

Man 2: That was too moist for me I g2g.
by D Bizz1986 November 28, 2009
1) Moist is a street term used to describe a female who is very horny.

2) A girl with a very wet vagina
That sexy guy just told her he wants to get inside of her, she must be moist.

She moist, look at the wet stain on her pants. haha.
by Mr.Steal Yo Wife (Naim) February 04, 2013
Definition of a wet sounding word... go on say it... MOIST... yeah sounds like a wet word.
Person 1: Moist...
Person 2: Wow, that's a wet word.
Person 3: I agree... MOIST.
by Yoshii-x June 06, 2013
A feeling you receive when you hear or see something you really like or enjoy
" That Synyster Gates guitar solo makes me moist!"

"This food is amazing! Im moist!"
by Arael67 January 03, 2015
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