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The epitome of everything amazing and wonderful in the world.
Use it wisely.
Aww man! I just did a triple back flip with a 1080 twist!

Soo moist, brah.

Those nachos were so moist.
by moistluv August 24, 2011
110 113
The action of one being to stoned and unable to leave the couch but able to eat everything in the kitchen and do pointless time consuming tasks. Or when one randomly doesnt respond to texts or calls during a conversation while making plans...and then replys the next day, this is refered to moisting out.
Ex1 "hey why didnt you respond yesterday?"

"sorry bro i moisted"

Ex2 "can you pass the chips stella?"

"nawh nigga im to moist"
by Moistninja February 23, 2014
7 13
An object, person, sense of style, charisma, or aura that is appealing to the eye. Something that is the most epic and pleasurable thing to look at.
"Bro you look so fucking moist right now"
"Your shoes are moist as fuck"
"Damn son look at her ass, shes so fucking moist"
by tana1285 July 28, 2013
14 22
MOIST, sounds creepy when you say it doesnt it?
a M.O.I.S.T is a MAN.with OVERLY INFANTILE SEXUAL TENDENCIES aka a child toucher.
look a that crossing guard holding that boy's hand, what a M.O.I.S.T
by sexontherun December 14, 2009
3 16
Used as an insult.
Like wet, but slightly less hydrated.

For example being "moist blud" is like being a 'wet man', but not quite AS damp.
When cussin man down: "You are MOIST bruv! Not even a ting!"
by alldabitchesanddahoes January 23, 2011
151 167
The most hated word in the English language. Means 'wet' and is often used to relate to the state of a female's nether regions.
Aaron: I made her so moist last night!
Bill: I know, right?
Charles: Shut up, I hate that word.
by Chaotic Good Half Elf Mage January 18, 2012
26 53
If things are remotely gay or unfashionable.
"Did you see those guys kissing? that was moist..."

"Where did you get that wife beater vest? it's moist."
by Butlargin November 16, 2011
7 34