The epitome of everything amazing and wonderful in the world.
Use it wisely.
Aww man! I just did a triple back flip with a 1080 twist!

Soo moist, brah.

Those nachos were so moist.
by moistluv August 24, 2011
more than most.
Are all of them coming to the party? Well the mo-ist of them are going.
by hardhitr3 June 30, 2009
Moist. Is there a better word out there? I do not think so.

Moist means not quite swampy, yet close to a mushroom esq consistence.

Barney also used the word a times in a "How i Met Your Mother" episode.
Your cake is quite moist, if i were to say so myself
by 30bombseverygame March 04, 2016
The most disturbing word in the milky way galaxy.
I am so moist right now!
by MCCrafting April 02, 2016
Moist has two very different definitions!

1) Moist is the opposite of crusty. Moist means something cool or someone cool. Use this version of the word moist to make people freak the fuck out.

2)Moist means slightly wet/very wet.
1)You are probably the moistest person I know.
2)You are probably the moistest person I know. Wipe it up with these, MOIST towelettes.
via giphy
by SourLemonParty January 21, 2016
Moist: this term is used when someone says/does something so idiotic or stupid. Also used to describe an "uncool" person, another way to say this is "wet" which means the exact same thing.
Boy: "4+7= 13? Right?"
Friend: "13?! HAHAHAHA NO! You're so moist!"

*uncool person walks by*
Girl: "Oh my god, look at her ugly clothes, so wet."
by chirpyy March 29, 2015
An object, person, sense of style, charisma, or aura that is appealing to the eye. Something that is the most epic and pleasurable thing to look at.
"Bro you look so fucking moist right now"
"Your shoes are moist as fuck"
"Damn son look at her ass, shes so fucking moist"
by tana1285 July 28, 2013
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