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powdered coke (as opposed to "hard" which is crack)
Nigga I need a 8ball of soft, and i aint waitin a minute!
by nose April 24, 2003
Weak, spongy, doughy, cowardly, tired, and unable to stand up to your woman. Best when yelled at the top of your longs. SOOOOFT!
He didn't come out last night. He was in bed by 9pm. SOOOOOOOOOFT!
by Anonymous January 24, 2003
a girl that is so cute that it makes you melt inside

usually of asian descent
*cute girl walks by*

person 1: "yo that girl is so softttt"
person 2: "damn straight"
by thatonekidincali April 22, 2013
1. Used as an adjective to describe people, people's actions, or situations that do not match one's expectations.
2.Another way of calling someone a pussy.
1. Wow, Zain doesn't know how to play GTA, softttt!
2. Okay, relax Haider, you don't have to do it, we all know you are soft.
by zainali May 06, 2008
Another way of calling someone a wuss or a pussy.
Often used in it's own sentence by itself as one word.
Joe: What did you think of that test?
Alex: Soft.
by Steven. L June 13, 2007
A weak person in terms of not standing up for his or herself or someone who just lets others walk all over them.
Justin is just real soft; he let John tree branch him in the face.

Justin is too soft to roll through that neighborhood, that's where them hard niggaz be at.
by SantosIsSoft March 28, 2007
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