Female or male homosexual state of sexual arousal.
Ooh, Bruno, seeing those semi-naked construction workers over there has made me all moist!
by Bunkerbuster October 16, 2006
The collective noun for a group of yummies.

See also yummy.
You sould have been in there, wall-to-wall Yummies !

At least three moists !
by Cutaway May 23, 2005
its the insides of a ladies thong when she walks past my wood
as my wood grew it became evident that she was moist from the noise her minge was making, and the dripping down her leg
by chap your lady October 23, 2003
First popularized by Malibu's Most Wanted starring Jamie Kennedy , the word moist is used to describe 1.)someone who,like a pussy( slang for female reproductive organ),is wet and soft. 2.)is a bitch
"You Ren and Stimpy, Half steppin' Moist ass Bitches!"
by Ladee Ice April 06, 2005
this is a word refering to something being wet or soggy. crazy-ass bitches are deathly afraid of the word and cringe when they hear it.
"hey did you hear about that crazy-ass nazi ho, ms santy?"

"no, what about her?"

"crazy bitch is afriad of the word moist!"

"wtf, wow. thats just really fucked up."
by rod-man November 29, 2004
(n.) A very hot chick. Alternatives - moisty. Plural - Humid
"What do you think of her?"
"She's very moist"

"Have a look at that moisty"

"Shit its humid in here" (Many hotties)

"How's the weather been lately?"
"Very Humid"
by KT August 18, 2003
Something bad, annoying, creepy, etc. Can be used to describe any word, or as a noun.
That math test was extremely moist.

Grant, you seem very moist today.

Would you like your muffin with a side of moist?
by Alyssa yo December 19, 2006

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