What you hear when someone is saying something that you don't like/doesn't interest you.
"Jenn, why do you like Anna?" equals "Meow, meow meow meow meow Anna"
by Jenn*27 May 15, 2011
My answer to everything.
"Hai thar!" random person says. ^^

"Meow?" I say.
"HA. You meowed!" Person says.
The end. c:
by ¯\(°_o)/¯ July 03, 2012
Noun - An individual who bitches out over and over again despite his/her continual reassurance that they're actually gonna do what they said they were gonna do.
Dude, Jim and Trav are such MEOWs, totally MEOWed on me today and didn't show up for their surf lesson.
by JAROLL May 30, 2011
Some nerd thinks it's witty and clever to bite Super Troopers and replace "now" with "meow".
Person 2: ...Shut the fuck up nerd.
by JDdoesWORK December 18, 2010
A term used to express love, especially when whispered, slowly and caringly, into the ear of a lover.
Kyra blushed deeply when he meowed softly in her ear.
by www.theroachyjay.tk July 12, 2006
What a kitten or cat says
The cat says meow
by Love it meow November 16, 2015
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