Cat: Excuse me sir, have you meowed today?
Stranger: Sadly, not yet, Mr. Cat.

Cat: Well, go on! Give it a try!
Cat: No, sir, it's "Meow", not "Maow". Try again.

Cat: Very good, sir!

Stranger: Thank you for your help, Mr. Cat! Now I can meow at people all I want!

Cat: You're very welcome! Good day, sir!
by meowmeowmeowwentthekitty May 17, 2013
Also can be used like woem, and is the sound a catty cat makes!
Look at him meow!
by whydouwannaknowmyname,stalker? April 06, 2011
Some nerd thinks it's witty and clever to bite Super Troopers and replace "now" with "meow".
Person 2: ...Shut the fuck up nerd.
by JDdoesWORK December 18, 2010
One who is 'fine' with the younger ladies, especially those whose ages range from 15-17. A "meow" is a young adult that works out at a gym, eats healthily, and has very uptight morals and excellent vocabulary that make life easier while out to sea on a merchant marine vessel. "Meows" commonly have short, well kept hair and facial hair, usually a goatee, and they wear only Hollister, American Eagle, and Aber-crombie and Fitch brand apparel.
Nate: "Dude. Her breasts are immaculate!"

Ben: "...But she's 15. Don't be such a meow..."
by Jijibwa2 October 07, 2010
A term used to express love, especially when whispered, slowly and caringly, into the ear of a lover.
Kyra blushed deeply when he meowed softly in her ear.
by July 12, 2006
1. The adorable noise a cat makes.
2. A word that ends random silence.
1. "Meow meow!" said the cat.
2."..and then they realized they were all gay."
by DreamCreator May 21, 2014
A response to someone who is being catty
Me: Hey, what's up?
Someone: Don't talk to me.

Me: Meow!
by Robyn Ray September 10, 2013

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