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Creating music by means of manually moving a record under a stylus. Typically seen in the musical genres of "House" and "Rap". See my Audio example.
What's a DJ if ya can't scratch?
by Chase February 15, 2005
With the same intention as cutting, except trying to avoid scarring. The scratcher will usually use something sharp to the touch but not pure metal, for example, a bobby pin without the plastic coating or a safety pin as opposed to a knife, scissors, razor, pencil sharpener blade, etc.
It's not cutting, it's scratching.
by ShutDesFuckUp August 26, 2011
When a girl masturbates.
I walked in on my girlfriend scratching last night. She was embarrassed but it was hot.
by Robopengy June 04, 2009
Means to be thinking. Like when you are thinking you scratch your head.
person 1: "What's wrong?"
Person 2: "Nothin, I'm just scratching about what im doing this weekend.?
by Drika October 22, 2008
An excuse for masturbating in a friend or relatives house if you are caught.
Just scratchin' give me a minute. Nearly done.
by Stuart Green April 17, 2003
doing something that you dont wanna do, that takes alot of effort, and is hard to do.
To fit into a small car parking spot would be considering scratching.
"I'm scratching to get into this parking spot"
by Suspicious October 27, 2003
scratching is itching your body ! !!!!! !!
was he scratching?? ??

no one does that to my friend!!!!11!1111?????///
by funky splitter doodle sQuaRed February 22, 2005
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