A beautiful woman inside out who is independent but sexy. Every girl's best friend and every guy's dream girl. A lady in the da streets and a freak in the bed. Very loyal chick, what you see is what you get.
Thomasina is such an Effin Lady. Thomasina is a around the way girl. Thomasina is my down ass chick.
by DatBoyNate October 26, 2011
root word is THOMAS but not always named after their father. A poor excuse for a mother who refuses to work, take care of their children, considers everyone a liar. Deep down inside lies a person who is deeply envious, disrespectful, irresponsible undercover lesbian.
Look at that bald girl over there she looks just like, Thomasina
by Ms.SouthPhilly February 23, 2010
A Thomas With A sex change.
Jake: Thomas Looks Different Since He got Back From Nam' Dont you Think?
Thomasina: Heey Big Boys You looking For A good time?
Yuri: Definently
by Norrojo October 21, 2008
A bizarre eccentric. Set in his own ways; stubborn and does not listen, but good for a laugh.
He's such a Thomasina!
by Lisamikro July 17, 2008

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