Can be used in replacement of "sex"
"let's meow all night"
by girrrrlx January 04, 2010
1. The calling card of the heroic and legendary alliance of the "Thundercunt" and of the "Drangondong". Currently an unstoppable team on a world-wide tour to destroy everything. They are currently looking to enlist the "HOUTZ!" into their League of Destroyers (LoD).
2. The last sound you hear before that grenade strapped to your mid-thigh explodes. When this call is emitted from the "Thundercunt", and only the "Thundercunt", you best run for your life cause shit is about to go down.
-The following takes place in a basement, two teams are playing to win. Team 1 consists of Thundercunt, Drangondong and Prodousche. Team two consists of Cockslap, Skullfuck and MasterChief. Team two is just about to realize how little time they actually have left...

Drangondong: "This is such a fun video game."
ProDousche: "I know right! We need to kill some peeps!"
Masterchief: "You guys suck, I'm the best one here. I'm always right about everything."
Thundercunt: "MEOW!!!!"
Cockslap: "oh shit. it's goin' down."
Masterchief: "Oh no!!! I'm strapped."
Cockslap:"Me to!! I don't wanna blowup!"
Thundercunt & Dragondong in unison: "Thundercunt and Dragondong, UNITE!"
(Massive explosion)
Skullfuck: "Everyone on my team just exploded except for me."
Prodousche: "Got that right big boy. It's cause your not a dick."
Thundercunt: "Sorry Cockslap, didn't mean to blow you up."
Cockslap: "It's all good."
Dragondong: "You guys just got royally raped."
Masterchief: "NO! You guys just cheated."
Prodousche: "Stop being such a dick."
Cockslap: "Seriously Masterchief."
Dragondong: "Yeah really."
by D-Popanotamus October 25, 2007
Megan's catch phrase. Also see:
Moogen Froogen
Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow!
by Richard. January 15, 2005
a term used to express endearment, confusion or excitement.
often times used to refrence the movie Super Troopers
I'm pregnant, ughh meow.
by yourmothershamster December 09, 2009
A sound Huck made to attract Tom's attention.
A sound you make at hot girls ( or roll a R or whistle. )
A sound cats make.
Meow at my window, ok?
by Garfield135 May 18, 2007
A secret type of morse-code mastered over the ages by the superior feline species known by the lesser as "cats." It is only used when Humans are around... Though most of the time it means nothing and it's just used to infuriate the humans.
Li'l Jimmy: "Meow meow meow meow meow."
Li'l Jimmy's "owner": "Knock off that racket you dumb cat!"
Li'l Jimmy: "Meow meow meow meow meow."
by Jimington Steel December 18, 2012
What you hear when someone is saying something that you don't like/doesn't interest you.
"Jenn, why do you like Anna?" equals "Meow, meow meow meow meow Anna"
by Jenn*27 May 15, 2011

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