an instance of extreme excitement that usually leads to promiscuous behavior.

meowing: the act of drinking heavily that leads to the mood of the meow.
Thomasina loves to meow.
by Thomasina Catt March 31, 2010
Normally used as a question 'meow?' Used to express the desire to mate...or participate in sexual intercourse.
Also the usual sound for a cat to make.
Ex. 1
Really old Guy: Meow?
Little girl: Ewwwww (Runs Away)
by Raaaazooor December 13, 2009
*a sexual innuendo

what a girl says when she wants to skip chat and just have sex already
guy:hey whats up?
by MEOWKITTYXXXXXX June 26, 2010
the cat word for "i am hungry!"
"Meow!" says the kitty when everyone is eating dinner at 7 pm.
by CinnamonxBuns November 04, 2009
For when you don't know what to say, or just feel like being a wittle-kwitty :3
Meow *licks hand/paw :3*
by xblahberriex May 17, 2011
What you say when someone around you, or talking to you says something dirty.
"omg this is so hard"
by J-JAG October 20, 2008
a word said when something funny yet so whack happens or is said and you feel the urge to laugh very hard
Mitch: "Why can't I have a boyfriend in every state?"

Tony: "Thats a MEOW!"
by xbox live rules October 03, 2009
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