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Noun - An individual who bitches out over and over again despite his/her continual reassurance that they're actually gonna do what they said they were gonna do.
Dude, Jim and Trav are such MEOWs, totally MEOWed on me today and didn't show up for their surf lesson.
by JAROLL May 30, 2011
A word that is sometimes used as a sexual come on or to sexually harass someone.
Because the word pussy is used for the cunt and sometimes for a cat.
Let me pet your pussy meow !

My pussy's hungry and it likes hot dogs meow !
by Judgedredd7 June 09, 2012
A evil genius always planning ways for world domination.
Hi, my name is Meow and I'm here to TAKE OVER THE WORLD! >:}
by Random ^^ July 12, 2009
A nice word, often used to describe things.
"Meow! Meow meow meow meow!"
by dantasticish October 09, 2006
Expression of affect that meows tell their meowed ones with meownderness.
I meow you, meow love.
by Meowfrivolite June 07, 2013
Fuck in cat language
You are a nother meower fuck
by OMGItzmaluckyday February 06, 2013
My answer to everything.
"Hai thar!" random person says. ^^

"Meow?" I say.
"HA. You meowed!" Person says.
The end. c:
by ¯\(°_o)/¯ July 03, 2012