Expression of affect that meows tell their meowed ones with meownderness.
I meow you, meow love.
by Meowfrivolite June 07, 2013
"I hate you" in recent culture. Commonly used as the opposite of "rawr".
"You're the best! rawr."
~"meh, meow."
by petpeeve3 May 22, 2010
Hot new techno dancing that consists of dry humping, hump-fucking, and screaming meow. Thrusting ones penal area is absolutely necessary!
"yeah dude we went to the MGMT concert and meowed some cougars so hard until they popped out a baby"
the sound my cat makes
me: shut the fuck up stupid cat
by scroogle September 09, 2003
Fuck in cat language
You are a nother meower fuck
by OMGItzmaluckyday February 06, 2013
An acronym for a type of woman desired by single Fathers in the modern dating world.

It stands for Mother Every Other Weekend.

Basically someone that has the same schedule as a single Father and can understand their situation.

A slight play on M.I.L.F. but nicer.
I met a M.E.O.W. with two kids that likes to golf!
by golfpro94 August 03, 2010
A late 20th century sociopolitical-artistic movement characterized by the use of large words and perfect grammar.
Meow meow Henrietta Pussycat meow meow meow The Presidents of the United States of America meow Kitty?
by imeowbot February 28, 2004

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