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Expresses confusion, disbelief. Often accompanied by rubbing and clearing of eyes with both hands.
We're sending oil INTO Iraq!? Whaaa?!?
by John Beeler November 10, 2003
when one is especially confused, frazzled, or surprised. can be used online or in person.
by whuhhh September 06, 2003
1. To actually care
2. A shorter way of saying what
3. The opposite of meh.
Guy: That drawing's cool
Guy 2: Meh
Guy: Your dog got ran over
Guy 2: Meh
Guy: You have AIDS
Guy 2: Wha???
by Emmanuel January 10, 2005
short for "what"... used when your more confused than usual
Person 1: hey i just know i that heard?
Person 2: Wha??
by Sarah November 11, 2003
A girl that is attractive, banging, sexy, beautiful, buff, hot or fit can also be described as 'WHA'.
That girl is WHA!
I've just seen a fucking WHA bird!
I got with some bird last night...she was straight WHA!
by -1919- July 13, 2012
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