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Instances are dungeons and special areas in World of Warcraft which many copies can exist at once. An instance allows many groups of players to traverse the same geography and battle the same enemies at the same time, without interfering with each other. Instances are accessible by a swirling portal. They may be blocked by a locked door which requires a key.
Instances were made as a way so solve a set of related problems which had become obvious. Everyone wants to slay the hardest monsters and get the best loot, but having the whole server at the very same spot at the same time would've crashed the server.
In World of Warcraft you can find instances such as Naxx and BWL.
d00d1: LFG any high lvl instance.
d00d2: d00d1, join us! we're going to UBRS ;)
by Håkon September 05, 2006
Discussing an unusual topic or subject only to have it come up again in an unrelated occasion.
Person 1: I learned a new word yesterday and just heard it again on TV a minute ago.
Person 2: That's an instance!
by Academic Sake May 25, 2009
An instance is a place where people go to waste they're lives in an endless circlejerk surrounded by retards. If you really enjoy them you probably hate yourself. If you have not started already then don't. It is an endless pit of pain and regret. Your family will hate you, you will never get a girlfriend and you will probably loose your job.
D00d : Get on warcraft, we are raiding the instance BWL and have been wiping for the last 5 hours.

D00d2 : No.
by FartyBlarty October 03, 2006
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