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An extremely long and skinny french-fry. Like one that is over 7 inches.
Damn that french-fry is HUGE! Its a loomer!
by MistahTom September 27, 2005
A person who leans over your shoulder while you are sitting down. They touch you for no reason, like putting thier hand on your side, or leg and place their face freakishly close to yours. They say disturbing things like "you know you want me baby" and create lies about things they have done with you, or other people.
Okey: "I was with your girl last night. Im coming back tonight, she can't get enough of me. We'll be quiet. Don't worry, I'll make time for you too."

Lauren: "EWWWW sick nasty!!! Okey quit making up lies and stop trying to touch me you freaking LOOMER!"
by Lauren Pugh April 16, 2007
one who watches you over your shoulder very closely when playing a video game.
"Ugh, I hate Xander" says Andrew
"Why" says Chris
"He was being a loomer when i was playing Doodle Jump on my Ipod last night"
by SOOPa January 09, 2010
A dried and probably stinky piece of feces stuck in a hard to find place.
I was scratchin for a loomer, but came up with nuthin.
by george-inslc June 20, 2011
Loomer - looser and a lamer in one word.
1: Why should I use google?
2: You are a fuckin loomer dude.
by QazyModa April 14, 2008
An extremly tall mellow guy who gets extremly close up to you and while talking, looms, or sways their balance and teeters over you dangerously in a way that freaks out your personal space.

It is unintentional and done by the extremly loaded or high. Not to be used for a creepy person, but a friend that just doesn't know how to control thier balance and height. Often a tall scraggly hippy, or one who has spent many days living in a tent.
Curtis: Just, lets go to bed, and all dream of, of sugar plum faeries. All of us. But not me. You dream of them...and-"
Aaron: Curtis! You Loomer! Just quit loomin' and just go to bed! Sleep it off man..."
by Anna42 March 19, 2006
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