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one who watches you over your shoulder very closely when playing a video game.
"Ugh, I hate Xander" says Andrew
"Why" says Chris
"He was being a loomer when i was playing Doodle Jump on my Ipod last night"
by SOOPa January 09, 2010
One, usually in school enforces all the rules in school and is proud of it.
Andrew "Dude, James is such a Stupid Rule Enforcer."

Chris "What did he do this time?"

Andrew "He told on Paul for playing games on the computers when the teacher wasn't noticing"
by SOOPa January 16, 2010
A person who goes above and beyond and raises much more money when doing a fundraiser.
Andrew: "Wow, David sold a lot of Popcorn for the troop."
Chris:"What a fundraiser"
Andrew:"I know, he raised 400 dollars while second place only raised 20.
by SOOPa January 10, 2010

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