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A young boy's tiny flacid penis.
After pissing in the bushes, Tommy shook the piss from his teeter just the way dad had taught him.
by Freaky B December 16, 2004
Breasts; Also known as boobs, tits, honkers. Cows also have teeters.
Wow, that girl has big teeters!
I am not touching that cow's teeters!
by Ms. Bouvier October 18, 2003
One who takes pleasure at looking at rather chunky animals. seeveeter or meeter
Smart guy:hey what are you watching on your stupid handheld?

PSP fanboy:im watching EXTREMELY COMPRESSED teet porn...duh what do all psp fanboys look at
by The Happy April 05, 2005
Catch-all slang for genitals (male and female)
Man, your teeter is microscopic.

Holy hell, your teeter smells like a dead racoon.
by lick my balls June 09, 2003