a place for emotionally disturbed teenagers to whine about their fucked up lives and about their broken hearts. these people have no lives but have quick wit and write brilliant thought provokers that tend to be about a page long so the only people that read them are kids just like yourself. but hey, that's one way of making friends. whatever floats your boat. and, hey, i'm one of those kids.
OOO, I just slit my wrists. Better go tell livejournal.
by Black_My_Eyes November 19, 2006
Noun- a form of writting, like a blog, except it seems to get abused by all the people that think, for some odd reason that thier poetry is the newest most expressive, influential thing on the block, when all they write is wanna be edgar allen poe, but in modern english, and all they write about is how much they love someone, or how much someone doesn't pay attention, because that is all they want.
My Poem
Today was a sad day
The one I love cares not for me
And every time I say hey they walk away quickly and call me a stalker
I can't help it if the only time i see them is on my way to the guidance counslers office
Oh, how I love my razor
Some read this from my school so i have an excuse ot go back to guidance.
by donald January 11, 2005
a very large gathering of white teenagers (emo kids) who discuss either their own music (and or poetry), some emo band's music (and or poetry) or the current state of their hair, boyfriend/girlfriend, pet, mum, social life, make-up case, PMS, favourite sports person, bisexuality etc.
live journaler 1: i just wrote some new slash today
live journaler 2: check out my new icon
live journaler 3: come see my gig tonight i'm gonna play some totally emo music while wearing a black t-shirt
all: woot! whee! omg! etc
by 1_2_wait_4 September 19, 2005
Live journal started out as another blog provider. where people at one point could... blog, Since then it has been a place for teens to be angsty and defient against their parents. now here's where the slang comes in

People now use livejournal as a verb "dude i'm going to livejournal this so hard" meaning i'm going to complain about it on the internet,
"live journals down, my first instict was to livejournal it.... i've reached a new level of sad."
by Sloth February 03, 2005
A site where you have a collection of numerous kinds of people. Livejournal gives anybody a free journal, where they may post how they feel, what they are doing, what they have eaten, what music they are listening to, etc. Many people do not realize that people who actually read them are fucked in the head. The question that is must be asked is "Who the Fuck Cares?"
Current Music:All tha small thingz
Current Mood: Sad :(
my b/f broke up wit me 2day im relly depressed. i think im worthless person. i dun think any1 luvs me. i dun noe wut to do.
by Sonic_Pirate July 27, 2004
1.A diary service that caters to the masses and where one can write about theories, feelings or irrelevant meaningless inane diary entries that have no substance.

2. It seems now that more often than not, the purpose of an LJ is to write enough emotional entries to make it FRIENDS ONLY.
1. a. I have written the equation to life, go me!
b. I'm so depressed! *cries a river*
c. Lyke omg god. F*CK! Blabla life sux, blabla dumped today, blabla got up and had milk and cookies.

2. "Lyke, OMG! I have three friends! Now I can make my journal friends only!"
by Some random chick May 18, 2005
this is a place where everyone tries to act a little smarter than they really are; where everyone becomes self-absorbed by posting a lot of stupid pictures where you can't see their face; and where everyone thinks other people actually care about their lives.
attention livejournal friends: i am going to kill myself. please leave me comments telling me not to.
by cyndi dear. August 29, 2004
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