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chillin' or relaxin' in one place
yo word is dat, he postin' at hiz momma'z crib
stationary, not moving, found a place to chill.
"Hey man do you wanna go to this club?"
"No thanks im posting here at my house."
by Noblam February 03, 2010
The act of - a group of people to carry a male legs open and run towards a lamp-post, thereby smashing his genitalia into said post.
To post someone.
Gary to group of friends: "Lets go and grab Andy and post him!"

Group of friends: "Yeah! We could give him a good posting!"
by Hairy Gonk Mother September 30, 2010
Extreme standing up. Standing up straight with your hands at your side like a fence post. Basically it is the opposite of "planking" which is sometimes known as "extreme lying down."
I was posting in the middle of Times Square today.
by Miesplz October 13, 2011
Stands for "Pretty Obvious Sexual Tension Involving Nasty Girl". "Nasty" can also mean Nice, New, Nefarious, or Neat. "Girl" can also be subbed for Guy. When, during a social encounter, there's a clear mutual attraction and desire for sexual intimacy that is never consummated.
"Dude, I should be banging right now because I was straight POSTING at that party"

"Did you see me POSTING up with that chick?"

"I just want to engage in some serious POSTING action tonight"
by TPOSTS March 03, 2010
the act of smoking weed with your friends while doing absolutely nothing and having no future plans for the night.
Nick: yo what u doin?
Steve: posting
by iceburgZ January 01, 2010
A traditional execution method where a person is lifted onto a sharp stake in the ground and impaled rectally. The body weight slowly causes the person to be further impaled until a vital organ is reached, causing death.
I hereby sentence you, Rosie O'Donnell, to death by posting.
by Cunningest Linguist September 20, 2006
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