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an amazinglyy talented band that are often underrated. the poser fans are the ones whose favorite song is ohio is for lovers just because theyy have a line that goes "so cut my wrists and black my eyes." there are also some dumbfucks who think that hawthorne heights suck. hawthorne heights is an amazing band with excellent lyrics. look them up before you judge them just because theyy are labeled "emo" when theyy reallyy aren't. they're just plain awesome.
Hawthorne Heights is a pretty kickass band from Ohio.
#hawthorneheights #ohio #emo #bands #music
by Black_My_Eyes November 19, 2006
A place for fangirls to write teenie stories about themselves getting with a member in a band they are only a poser fan of. They just think the particular member is hot and don't give a damn about anyone else in the band because they're too stupid to realize it takes all of them to make the music. The stories tend to be unrealistic, stupid, and quite a waste of time. I often find myself falsely inflating their ego by telling them I like their story when, in reality, it sucks. I feel bad for them.
Me: I like your story on quizilla.
Teenie: Really?
Me: No.
Teenie: Oh. I'm gonna slit my wrists know.
Me: Why don't you just go add another chapter to your Draco story? How about another sex scene?
Teenie: Good idea. Thanks.
Me: Make him a vampire.
Teenie: That's good too.
Me: Then make him and Harry make out.
Teenie: Kay, but then can I get back with him?
Me: It's your story.
#harrypotter #teenie #quizilla #story #quiz
by Black_My_Eyes November 19, 2006
A place for preps and wannabes to find all the bands that will make them seem "cool" They say they're nonconformists in order to fit in- conform. It almost makes you want to laugh, but severely pisses you off as well.
Real fan: So, you like My Chemical Romance?
Poser: (consults MTV) Yeah, the Ghost of You is awesome.
#mychemicalromance #poser #bands #mtc #music #television
by Black_My_Eyes November 20, 2006
A place for emo teens who wear girls jeans (whether male or female) to make fake friends who are really rapists, murderers, and child molesters. These so-called "friends" take pictures from scenesters everywhere and combine them to look like a hot teenager. It's a site for people with no life to whine about having no life. And to beg for picture comments for people to tell them how cute they think they are. They post emo lyrics and captions everywhere and they talk about how ugly they are, but yet, they have a bunch of pictures.
Ooo, I have one friend:Tom. Tom loves me.

Ooo, that's a cute pic. I'm so putting it on myspace.
#myspace #emo #scene #internet #website
by Black_My_Eyes November 19, 2006
a place for emotionally disturbed teenagers to whine about their fucked up lives and about their broken hearts. these people have no lives but have quick wit and write brilliant thought provokers that tend to be about a page long so the only people that read them are kids just like yourself. but hey, that's one way of making friends. whatever floats your boat. and, hey, i'm one of those kids.
OOO, I just slit my wrists. Better go tell livejournal.
#livejournal #emo #website #life #teenager
by Black_My_Eyes November 19, 2006
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