The place where you write you want to die with no one giving a fucking shit about it.
use your live journal to say:
I wanna die.
The world sucks
no one loves me.
by gothsayo September 07, 2006
An online diary service which caters to those who believe they do not get the respect or recognition they feel they deserve in traditional social interaction. Users have the opportunity to showcase "the real them" and gather the affirmation they believe they deserve through the message board attached to each entry.
I used LiveJournal for a year before I realized I wasn't really an undiscovered genius and was actually just part of a commenting circle jerk.
by Lucent October 10, 2003
noun - An online website that hosts a diary-type bulletin board, where teenagers, most commonly, post a daily diary entry describing how they attempted suicide for the ump-teenth time, tell how their boyfriend/girlfriend dumped them, and how much their lives generally suck.
User: "Shawn dumped me today.... I burned his pictures. I tried to get his smell off me, but it won't go away... I wonder what I'll look like if I burn to death..."
by Vaughan Murray May 24, 2003
A place to bitch, moan, and whine about your miserable existence and/or go around harassing and slandering other people where the entire free world can read it. Cause' telling someone how you feel, to their face, is too hard for most people these days. On the Internet, everyone has the courage to cross lines they would normally not even get close to in the real world.
Person 1: OH LOOK! Jane is slandering me in her LiveJournal again. And the entry is public.
Person 2: What happened?
Person 1: We had a disagreement.
Person 2: Yeah. Looks like it. I guess she's just too much of a pussy to deal with you in person.
Person 1: Yup.
by anonymous September 11, 2005
live journal (lj) – n. Free online blogging service.
analogy Live journals are like ropes. They help you climb the social ladder. However, the rope (lj) only works if you reach out (type in your password) and grab it (pick a cool color scheme, generally an unreadable one) and pull yourself up (write daily updates as to how your life is going and how stupid everything else is, then open the forum for comments). It also helps to post some hawt pictures of yourself, especially when posed with two or three members of the opposite sex.
by cardenio April 06, 2005
A Journal gone digital.

You type online like you would write on paper, you can make it private or public. You can create communities or use it as a daily life post it.
"I use my online Journal to connect with my online buds"
by ki January 31, 2004
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