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to be really up tight
to pay excessive attention to detail
to be a total tight-ass
to over explain or define something
He said I had to stack the first row of cups 20" high, and the second row 12" high, what an anal dickwad.
by klutz January 28, 2003
cockgoggle. verb. :
To oogle the cocks.
To hand multiple cocks at once.
To be multi-tasking in a swimming pool full of cocks.
To wear cocks as goggles.

cockgoggler. noun. :
A proprieter of cocks.
A juggler of cocks.
An avid fan of the cocks.
This is your new cheif headmaster cockgoggler, George W. Bush. He will now do a leetal dance for you and all of your cocks to enjoy!
by klutz January 28, 2003
A place for nerds to pretend like they are being social.

See also: LJ.
I haven't reloaded my Livejournal in over two minutes!!
by klutz January 28, 2003
A total chode.

See also: awkward, asstastic, socially-inept, klutz.
Yeah I saw that episode of The Anna Nicole Show, what a drugged-up, dog-toting spazz that girl is.
by klutz January 28, 2003

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