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1- the vagina
see also: gash
2- a woman (derrogatory)

see also: gash
I fucked that hot slit last night.
by Dan Wade February 06, 2003
882 231
degrading word to refer to women. Instead of a "cunt" she is a "slit".
That dirty slit just insulted me.
by xx-lead-xx February 01, 2007
335 213
A very derogative term for a female.
Dude, your girlfriend is a complete slit.
by Squish-mitten October 26, 2006
143 129
an uncommon or underground term for an asian person-derived from the shape of their eyes, which look like slits in their head
i hate those stupid slits
by jhick August 14, 2005
17 22
Sluts; a group of permiscuous females
by Beerswizle October 16, 2003
27 36
A term used to describe a women who is a bitch and a slut.
The Christy girl tried to steal my boyfriend, she sure is a slit.
by ChristyCumDumpster December 10, 2011
48 62
Smells Like It Tastes
"dude, rockstar energy drinks slit"
by Dmanthe1 September 24, 2009
55 103