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A russian word describing a naive and extremly trusting person, subject to various frauds and fails.
- Look, mate! A guy in the street sold me this Rollex just for 100$!
- Lol, what a loh you are! that's a chinese fake!
by HangTheQueen June 06, 2009
a russian term meanning idiot
you f*cking loh stop squirting water at me!!!
by mitchell melikhov April 29, 2006
L.O.H is the acronym for Level of Hotness. Can be used when you see a girl or guy, or are asking your friends for a second opinion on a girl or guy.
Friend 1: Yo man, whats that girl's L.o.H

Friend 2: 1 dude, that's my mom!


That girls L.o.H is definitely a 10!
by SLiCK808s July 07, 2009
A russian word, meaning dull.
"Lioha: Omg is like pizdets."
"Val: Vot tie loh lioha..."
by Val all mighty February 03, 2008
acronym that means laughing out hysterically. Ten times better and not as lame as LOL
a man someone says a joke..or something funny..(doesn't matter)

friend - LOH!!!
man - what?
friend - laughing out hysterically. get wit it
man - o.
by camzcam January 17, 2011
Norwegian word that means "boring".
Dette er løh!
by Good people January 13, 2004
when lol isn't good enough use LOH
laughing out hysterically
man: i banged her
other man: LOH that was funny
by camzcam January 22, 2011
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