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"World Wide Web". The most ridiculous abbreviation around, since to pronounce it takes nine syllables, whereas "World Wide Web" is only three.

Commonly used as the default name for a web server, to the extent that newbies cannot mentally cope with a url that doesn't begin with www.
Have you seen ''?
Don't you mean '', you newbie.
by manta May 22, 2003
The only acronym that takes longer to say than the actual phrase it is meant to abbreviate.
World Wide Web - 3 syllables
"Double U, Double U, Double U" - 9 syllables
by John March 22, 2004
not a useless abbreviation for World Wide Web as WWW is faster to type than World Wide Web.


Which would you choose?
by doc February 20, 2004
Japanese counterpart of LOL!!!!
The more "w"'s you have, the more LOL!!!! you are expressing.
That movie was SO stupid. www
by Shizuyo September 05, 2008
The neighbor of XXX. Often interchangeable.
I need XXX from the WWW.
by Enkidu January 25, 2004
This abbreviation used to stand for World Wide Web.

It now stands for the activity which surrounds most of the time in which the web is browsed - Wanking While Watching (another video stream or live webcam) or, Wanking While Waiting (for the next lot of porn to download).

(For the Brit-ignorant, Wanking is the same as jerking-off/Whippin Mr Zippy/Polishing the PurplePink Pole, over here in Limey-Land.)
"Shit I gotta clean this mouse and keyboard or buy a box of tissues, probably both (squeezes umpteen zit). Too much WWW. Oh, Just one more......"
by Missy M August 22, 2005
A prefix used to emphasize that your question or comment on something or someone is so pertinent that there is already a website created about it.

Most commonly used with the acronym wtf to emphasize your disbelief that something is occuring.

"Dude, that girl is mad skanky."
by ba2themax April 24, 2006
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