A contradiction in terms. A journal that really isn't a journal, created in a place that really doesn't exist, written by people that shouldn't be allowed to write, and written about things nobody important (or sane) really cares about.

A stinking dung heap of adolescent attention whores and their respective attention pimps.

A diseased conglomeration of ignorant savages resembling in some twisted way a society.

The Warsaw Ghetto of online communities. Thousands of innocent minds find their way here to waste away into degenerate lumps of fecal matter. Spelling, grammar, or anything remotely resembling intelligence is extinguished before it infects the rest of the rotting hive of parasitic subhumans.

Dreams, aspirations, plans, goals, happiness, optimism, and religion are also prohibited. Only suicide, depression, and bitterness reside therein.

A morbidly fascinating collection of dysfunctional relationships, disappointing underachievers, antisocial xenophobes, and well… total failures.

A place where creativity fountains forth like a glorious plume of Technicolor vomit, drowning originality in a sea of sickness and depravity.

Home for those who have no right to damage the human gene pool with their inability to control their wanton desires. The subject of procreation, or at least half of the process, is so rampantly available here that nearly 90% of all entries are in some way related to it. A male dog in a room full of neutered bitches would have less to say on the subject.

A place were light is swallowed entirely by the overwhelming darkness.
damn it la.. updating here coz i dun wan outsiders to see le den go COMPLAIN again!!!! fuck her la.. oopss.. shouldnt scold her fuck rite.. coz she tis type go geylang oso no one wanna fuck la.. even she give them money oso no one ones rite... arghh.. tot she wad.. ms universe arh.. oh my loh.. stoping being so cheap, bhb, lan and er xing! keep on dreaming tt those 2 will fall for ya... **PUKESSS** u sux!!!!!!!! if u wanna see who is better and who will win, challenge me la.. and i mean onli 1-1.. wad for make until adults oso noe.. great loh.. now they think tt its my fault.. luckily there are still ppl are nort being brain wash for ya.. onli noe how to complain abt my bad things.. den u leh.. shld do some reflections on urself rite.. ai yo.. er ren xian gao zhuang.. wad the shit is tis ok.. bloody la.. ur mum din even noe wad "GREAT" thyings u had done man.. if she noe arh, she will faint la.. ah neo oso.. huh.. keep siding u ytd.. very shuang hoh.. still say wad u very quiet.. shit la!!! quiet my foot!! fa chu so many unwanted noise.. noise pollution ah!!!!!! arghh.. i scold u on my blog u reply me back.. somemore scold me back through email!!! me da ren bu ji xiao ren guo.. dun wish to reply someone like tis through email.. let u be la.. XIAO REN.. see u small let u go loh... pui pui pui!!!! (exclaimation points truncated. They were almost 100 characters long) and la!!!
by Relyas January 19, 2005
Top Definition
A weblog or blog site that allows a person to keep an online log to be used how they see fit. Places such as Livejournal can be considered similar to services that offer small parcels of online space for websites like Geocities - where big-name bloggers often have their own custom blog sites, others can get a Livejournal with no cost to them.

Livejournal is commonly used by its users to detail their daily lives, and a release from the stresses of such; much like a more traditional, private journal. The exception is that these journals are open to everyone (or perhaps just a circle of friends). This can create many problems, as Livejournals often become a method of conducting socialpolitics.
Livejournals and the ability to make your thoughts and feelings public are indeed a seductive venture. If you're going to make a public blog, though, be viewtiful about your entries. Entertain people.
by The Infamous Trev-MUN February 23, 2004
the reason losers like me wake up each morning
today i went to school. now i am home. like omg comment and love me
by hectoliter January 23, 2005
Will be the eventual cause of the loss of spoken word.
Girl 1: "The other day i met this super cute guy and-"
Girl 2: *Cuts her off* "I read about it on your Livejournal."
Girl 1: "Oh... well then..."
by isabel Lane December 12, 2005
Mildly classyer than MySpace.
You: So last friday I had this awsome night..
Me: Yeah I saw on your livejournal sounded goood!
You: Yeah
End of covo
by Last Chancer October 22, 2006
1. n. An open-source journal site that has spawned a plethora of immitations, all inferior in every meaningful way.
1. And then my sister said, "what's the point of a website? My bloody livejournal can do it."
by steveisright December 18, 2003
n, a disgustingly addictive website
Livejournal.com is a disgustingly addictive website
by diction April 10, 2003
- Once a popular on-line blogging/journaling site, where one could find interesting and stimulating conversation with people from all over the world. Now, everyone and their Mother's dog has a LiveJournal, and most of them only use their accounts to post ignorant-ass bullshit, surveys, meme results, quizzes, annoying rants, inside jokes, and cryptic shit only they, and the 5 people on their friend's list understand.

- A place where you can play 'electronic wargames' with people you're too chickenshit to face in person. Also known as 'Hiding behind teh interweb'. On LiveJournal, you can 'unfriend' someone, which lets them know just how much you hate them, and want them to die.

- Home of all together too much fucking drama.

- Home of all together too many fucking trolls.

troll, drama, LJ, unfriend, blog, chickenshit.
Gaaah, uuhhh...not knowing I cannot say with an accustomed degree of accuacy, and not wishing to deviate what is strict truth, I must decline to answer, for your ticanic intellect is far too copius for my benign understanding. That person was probably not the least non uninteligent organic life form it's been my extreme lack of dipleasure not having been able to avoid meeting. Oh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer wiener. Tell him about the twinky. And all the hoos down in hooville won the lottery as the seas turned a particularly interesting shade of pink. Peace on earth good will towards...Auqualung my friend. I've decided to relocate to Pleasent Valley 26809 so as to leave it to Beaver. I will survive 'cause it's raining men......halleluia!
More to come? Uhhhh......

WTF. Why do you even have a LiveJournal, you n00b. You suck at Teh Interweb!!!!##@@!@@ I'm unfriending you. Die plz, you troll.
by goldtoofblingbling November 06, 2004
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