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9 definitions by Sloth

better than a high five. two people both call something, they pound it. fist together.
"told ya the cops would come"
-"yup... pound it"
by sloth September 01, 2004
228 52

Like the spanish Verb congugations

goatsar is To goatse someone

goatso is i goatse
goatas is you goatse
goatsa is he she or they goatse
goatsamos we goatse
goatsan is he she they plural
Me gusta goatsar me amigo Cole quién amores bromean

(I like to goatse my frined cole who loves kids)
by Sloth November 27, 2004
12 2
Someone who whores themselves out to Socom 2 US Navy SEALS. They play too much and still suck
"Mouth is a Socom slut"
by Sloth March 15, 2005
24 15
1. a slow-moving mammal that comprises three genera (Bradypus, Choloepus, and Homo sapiens), inhabits the cities of Bay Area California, hangs from the branches back downward, plays soccer, and feeds on leaves, fruits, and Ontilos
2. a man who exhibits disinclination to action or labor
I was knocked unconscious by a DS from a Slothman.
by Sloth October 02, 2003
15 9
The term given to a kick ass group of quality assurance engineers who do the jobs of the lazy ass support bitches while support sits around and cries that their funkgina hurts.
Those muthafuckin geniuses from Team QA gave every support bisnatch a Sleepy Steve while they were passed out at their desks.
by Sloth April 07, 2005
5 5
Who'ss the black private dick who is a sex machine to all the chicks.
Shut your mouth svenmonk!
by Sloth September 02, 2003
1 1
when one derives the Mizz ziz from the oreoz
yo zif-iffel! dont zizow on all my snacks Bitch
by Sloth July 10, 2003
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