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The most worthless web host on the internet. Will gladly shut down any site that goes over their ridiculously low bandwidth limitations.
Don't host on Geocities, unless you like having your site shut down for an hour everytime someone looks at an image.
by The Mad Genius September 22, 2003
A poorly designed webpage characterized by pitiful layout, unreadable text, and lots of images. Often built on the templates of free web hosts such as Geocities or Angelfire.
Look at that marquee! This site is so geocities.
by sciurus September 08, 2004
an unhappy, middle-aged, suburban male, who appears to be repressing deep homo-sexual tendencies.
<old uncle>who are you chatting with on the computer?
<niece>Your mom! What do you care geocity?!
by miniarnold July 28, 2003
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