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beyond cool, often stylish; excellent
derivation - Atsushi Inaba's game, Viewtiful Joe
Life is viewtiful.
by Nick December 01, 2003
"Beautiful View"; something extremely stylish, flashy, attractive, sexy or aesthetically appealing. Can also be used alternately with/instead of "beautiful," i.e. "Viewtiful World."
Source: Viewtiful Joe (Gamecube game made by Capcom)
"That move...that one you did back there? It was...viewtiful! Tell me, what do they call you?"
"Viewtiful Joe!"
by Madam Luna January 01, 2004
The word "Viewtiful" created by Capcom for the Video game "Viewtiful Joe"

Viewtiful now meaning, Something or someone that/who is at a level that is so high to call it or them Beautiful is a gross understatement.
My girlfriend "Mary-Joy" is amazingly Viewtiful
by X-treme February 06, 2004
(From the hit video game "Veiwtiful Joe")

1) Beautiful View. Somthing so pleasing to the eye your head explodes.

2) Beyond Awesome. The Truest, and purest form of greatness.
1) That move was so viewtiful, I ruptured my spleen by just watching it.

2) "The Last Samurai" was a viewtiful movie.
by Hito Itachi April 15, 2005
The sheer viewty overwhelms you, simply calling somone 'Beautiful' just wont suffice - Viewtiful is the highest form of ass-kickery.
When he awoke his heroness Joe found he could...

Speed Up...
Slow Down

by Peter Baby May 23, 2004
A Fictional Movie Company in the game "Viewtiful Joe".
Captain Blue is created by Team Viewtiful
by Rob October 27, 2003
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