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an amazing sexy beast who is the best person in this universe. Guys are intimidated by her,cause she's the hottest chick at her school. Her eyes are amazingly beautiful.She is the tankest babe around and everyone wants to be her.

Kahlei is loved by everyone and hated by none. She is so nice to every person she meets.She is also the smartest girl in the whole wide world and you can come to her for anything.
Guy: holy fuck look at that babe over there!! I'd tap that!
other guy: Fuck you thats my hot babe of a girlfriend, Kahlei !!!!
by ryftg March 22, 2012
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kah-lei is like a diamond. Rare and hard to find. One of a kind. Down to earth and very spontaneous. Very loving. The most amazing person you could ever meet. Has a big heart and always gives the benefit of the doubt. You will be very lucky to meet a kah-lei.
kah-lei is awesome. Fantastic. A Rare and beautiful creature.
by Rare diamond February 05, 2010
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