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1. To be nice
2. Home grown or very good marijuana
3. A person who likes to get high and typically has very good marijuana.
(2)I'm so tired of this schwag. I wish I had some kind.
(3)She is kind.
by mack stud June 28, 2002
otherwise known as KB, it has a highly concentrated amount of THC. Much more than commercial.
KB gets you a lot higher than the shwag weed
by Sean September 18, 2003
High level THC weed. Very potent!
Can't mix the kind with the schwag!
by SuperSonicX September 25, 2006
Anything that is mellow, cool, frelky, or otherwise assosciated with a good high is known as kind.
Dude, lets go sesh the kind herb.
by Luke Borders August 21, 2004
hey stoners the true root of kind bud is Killer INDoor. As in i grew this shit in my fucking closet. can you say hydroponic/ grow lights?
johnny potsmoker 1: this is some kind smoke.

johnny potsmoker 2: no shit, we grew it in your moms basement.
by justified007 April 01, 2007
Marijuana buds that you cant fit in a film canister. Typically refered to as red popcorn, or sticky dog turds.
Costs in the south more than in the north. But cant be touched when grown at home.
Dayum holmes, thats some kind, you should have said you had red popcorn! I'd have gone to the bank nigga!
by Nozweep January 06, 2004
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