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The coolest person on the also very sexy
Guy: God I wish I was Kahlil

Girl: Kahlil is soooooo sexy
by u want me January 12, 2006
1) The first name of Lebanese poet Kahlil Gibran.

2)An Arabic/Turkish/Persian name meaning Freind or Ally
Kahlil Gibran is considered one of the greatest writers of all time for his magnum opus "The Prophet".
by Normandy6578 May 02, 2009
one who is delusional and has fantasies about being good at cod and basketball
one can often find a kahlil having fantasies about being good at things in life but we learn just to ignore the kahlil and let him talk to himself
caution if a kahlil is combined with a basketball there can be serious repercussions like bad ball handling and poor shooting form
don't bring a kahlil with u, i dont want to have to embarrass him in basketball and call of duty
by theawesomo July 07, 2010

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