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the most beautiful and wonderful person ever
i miss kayleigh so much
by bob bob bob bob January 20, 2008
Is a name given to those of us who are amazingly pretty =]

Kayleigh's are funny, witty and clever individuals.

they make the best kind of friends and are always there for you.

if kayleigh calls you her friend you are extremely lucky.
Kayleigh is sooo pretty.

Shes such a kayleigh B.

wow, kayleigh just spoke to me =D
by Jayleigh February 02, 2008
A previously uncomman name, bought to fame by the band Marillion in the eighties.
'Kayleighs' tend to be a little on the eccentric side with a wild streak that is often hidden by well mannered and often accidental ditziness which makes them lovable and often quoted as being 'lovely'.

'Kayleighs' are very terrotorial over their young and their food. If you try to eat or steal either 'Kayleighs' will often try to eat you in return.
Generally have one disinct feature that makes them noticeable amonst the crowd. Commonly found with eyes the size of a bush baby.
"Kayleigh" is often associated with the words "ditzy", "large eyes", and "lovely". Often all in one sentence.
"You are clearly having a Kayleigh-esque moment" for example trying to do two things at the same time and failing miserably.
by arbadacarba February 15, 2010
Variant of Kay and Kayla. Keeper of the keys; pure.

This is also a common Anglicized form of the Gaelic word ceilidh, a traditional social gathering and dance.
Kayleigh is a beautiful name populised by the song of the same name that reached number 2 as a UK hit for British Prog Rock band Marillion in 1985
by Samantha Parsons April 03, 2007
A Kayleigh is very beautiful and has a great sense of humor. They are smart and witty. They are tremendous athletes and refuse to lose. They like to crack jokes and be silly and/or nerdy, but they can be serious. They have big hearts and love to love and be loved by others.

A Kayleigh is most compatible with a Cameron!
Kayleigh is incredible. That is all.
by OhHeyTherePrettyLady May 04, 2011
A girl who sings songs about dinosaurs.
kayleigh: "Dino dino dino, pterodactyl pterodactyl" girl: Kayleigh what the hell are you singing
by blah blah blah blah what?! December 12, 2009
A really pretty girl who is very athletic and very smart. She has lots of friends, and has a really good voice. Kayleigh's are on the petite side. She is very loveable and caring. She doen't like to be single, and she has had boyfriends before. She loves watching TV and going to sleep.
Hey I wanna be kayleigh so badly.
by MEEPMEEP December 08, 2012
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