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5 definitions by howlingmadwilger

A solo sex act where a male masturbates in a room full of mirrors (often a hotel bathroom) . The many different viewing angles creates a kaleidoscope effect and can heighten the sexual gratification of narcissistic performer.
JK stood in front of the mirrors in the corner of his Holiday Inn bathroom and had a kaleidowank to pass the time.
by howlingmadwilger May 18, 2014
When one ejaculates on to another person's pubic hair. Alternative: to salad dress.

From the words "VAgina", "JIZz", and "drizZLE".
Nathaniel vajizzled all over Ami's crotch!
by howlingmadwilger August 15, 2008
When a male masturbates 8 times in a day.
Jamie: During my day off yesterday I was so bored and sexually frustrated I had to pull all the legs off a spider to keep me from molesting my dog.
by howlingmadwilger October 29, 2010
Monkeytail beards start at one ear and then wrap around your chin and mouth
Luke: What the heck is that thing on your face!? It looks like you just finished picking the ticks off a monkey's nuts with your teeth.

Wilger: This thing? It's my monkeytail beard!
by howlingmadwilger October 31, 2011
Masturbating 8 or more times in a day.
Will: What are you up to this weekend?

Jamie: I'm going to try and beat Rich's record of 7 and pull all the legs off the spider.
by howlingmadwilger March 29, 2010