What's the difference between a pile of dead babies, and a ferari?

I don't have a ferari in my garage.
shits wrong, but funny as hell
funniest joke ever
by ASDFfdsa12345%$#@! May 15, 2011
the state of mind in which everyone should exist.
"dude i just impaled a watermelon on a plastic sword!!" "thats tottaly j-okes!!!"
by Hershie October 16, 2003
Humor that unifies people with relatively small differences, making them laugh.
Q: Here's a joke. Why do Americans/Canadians like to have sex doggie style?

A: So they don't miss a second if the football/hockey action.
by yes juanito yes January 14, 2015
1. A funny anecdote or statement
2. Someone who is a complete failure
1. Hah hah, I always do like a good joke! Tell the one about the nun and the rhino!
2. Shut up you joke.
by Ginga ninja September 20, 2003
The WNBA. (Women's National Basketball League)
Holy crap. The WNBA. What a freakin' joke.
by rip12345 December 04, 2007
A person or group of people who are in a complete state of chaos or carry themselves in a manner where the think of themselves better than they are
go to youtube.com and search Blinded by Darkness the band... now thats a joke!
by Centrality_band June 03, 2009
1. a funny ryhme, story, and/or pun usally designed to either poke fun at an everyday issue, celebrity, and/or designed to be so disgusting that it is funny.

2. A useless person who makes a fool of themselves or has no life. Can be a one time event (usally the funniest), or an everyday thing (usally gets dull)

3. Someone who makes a fool of themselves online by either typeing incorrectly, or not knowing what they are talking about
1. Three men: one an acholic, one a smoker, and one a gay guy, heard that they could live for ever if they could give up there chosen sin. So they accepted and started walking down the streat when they passed a bar and the acholic turned to the others and said, "I can't go on" and went into the bar and sat down and took a sip of beer. POOF. He disappeared and the others continued on their way. As they were walking down the street they came across a whole cigreete. The gay man turned to the smoker and said, "Don't pick that up. If you do were both dead!"
That is a funny joke

2. dude 1: did you see that girl trip over the porch
dude 2: yeah what a joke

3. me: hey shut the hell up in the forum if your not going to proof read your posts! jees what a joke.
the joke: shat teh hel up n00b just u think yr better then this L33tn355
by L33tm4s73r November 19, 2011

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