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A smile having an orgasm.
Dude1: Oh dude look at that smile it's totally orgasming
Dude2: That's called a laugh...
by Brenden H October 15, 2006
Used when something or someone is highly ammusing to you.

See also: Joke
e.g. That movie was so 'Laugh'
At the weekend we caught 'Laugh'
Oh my days, you give me 'Laugh'
by Sophie Hannah January 16, 2008
extremely hilarious; very funny
Jeremy shat in Ron's cereal, it was fuckin laughs.
by Billy G June 17, 2005
You would laugh when you come across the following:
1. Sum1 who can't type proprly. lol!
2. When you win the lottery for the 67th time.
3. When American Idol is taken off the air because America became less stupid and decided it was a shitty show.
1. lol did u c dat entry 4 laugh on!!?1?1//? LOLOLOL!1!!
2. I won the lottery again. WTFH? xDDDD
3. It was taken off the air? Oh My God. It's about time. I'll sit back and laugh at how stupid we where for so long.
by Tace June 04, 2005
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