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A replacement for the word "cool", which has been in popular vernacular for far too long. Most recently popularized by nerd fighters.
"How was the concert last night?"
"Aw man, it was SO JOKES!"
by EP Nerd fighter August 10, 2007
416 239
a thing. a funny thing. no meaning. no purpose. purely for amusemeny.
joke. i am a joke. i was a joke. now i am a bigger joke.
by THE REAL JULIA December 04, 2006
363 245
Funny things that make funny people laugh.
a good joke:
"Two muffins sat in an oven. one muffin says to the other muffin:
"Boy, it's hot in here." and the other muffin says, "holy shit! a talking muffin!"
by Traplle A November 17, 2006
246 143
A juxstapostion, whether internal (joke includes elements co-existing in an unlikely way) or external (subject or structure of joke creates tension between joke and common reality of listener) intended to arouse amusement.
What did the Buddhist say to the hot-dog vendor?

"Make me one with everything."
by respectabiggle August 24, 2005
172 82
whats the difference betwwen light and hard?

you can sleep with a light on
thats a funny ass joke
by tyler mccaffery January 09, 2009
151 73
there is a rooster on 1 side of the river and a cat on the other, the roosters food is on the cats side and the cats food is on the roosters side

the rooster flies over to the cats side and the cat tries to jump across...

the cat falls in

the moral of this joke is wherever there is a satisfied cok, the is a wet pussy
lmao, its true, no joke
by c0ksoaker June 23, 2009
114 38
Canadian slang replacing the word funny.
(Laughs) That's jokes man.
by bgooks November 17, 2010
85 51