An act done with the intention to create turmoil & piss people off.
Those cousins played a joke and really hurt the feelings of everybody's wife.
by Potpie Popeye November 27, 2010
to say something funny
Oh Nigga you think you got jokes
by Blue man for life January 15, 2008
The size of you're male genitalia.
As far as the bedroom went, Justin's size was a real joke.
by sss.meee.deeeeee. June 05, 2010
a funny riddle someone says to another person or group of people. Usually funny if its a good joke. Used to entertain someone. Sometimes the people telling the joke are trying to impress the person who there telling it to. Some people dont take jokes the right way, and either not think its funny, or get mad at the person telling the joke because it may be a joke about a family/personal matter. amusing story/phrase with a punch.
whats the difference between a redneck getting divorced and a tornado? someones gunna lose a tractor! (funny joke)

what did the farmer say when he lost his tractor? wheres my tractor! (not funny joke)
by anonomys3434 March 01, 2010
Women's rights.
Boy 1: Wanna hear a joke?

Boy 2: Sure.

Boy 1: Women's rights.
by Big daddy punx. March 15, 2014
A phrase to make somebody laugh.
Her: Hey you, what would you do if you were a girl for a whole day?
Him: Be LESBIAN. Duh.
-blahah. funny joke eh?-
by Demented banana November 12, 2008
Pronounce: yooowkeeuh
A name used in Europe, especially in countrys like Belgium and the Netherlands.
Joke comes from the hebrew name joanna or johanna. It means "God/Jaweh is gracefull".
In English, it means something of someone is funny.
Dutch: my name is joke.
English: he's a joke
by Josie2be August 16, 2008

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