Term used by townie folk, to describe someting funny
Rory: This is jokes man.
by Wheelboob April 04, 2003
Women's rights.
Boy 1: Wanna hear a joke?

Boy 2: Sure.

Boy 1: Women's rights.
by Big daddy punx. March 15, 2014
Can be used as a replacement for "just kidding" or as a replacement for "funny". Usually used by suburban kids.

Kid #1: "Yo did you see that girls hair it was so jokes man"
Kid #2: "I'd totally tap that... lol jokes!"

Kid #1 = "Funny"
Kid # 2 = "Just kidding"
by ZKills December 25, 2008
Girls that drink a lot and fall down next to trash cans
guy #1: I was walking down the street the other day after me and her had a bunch of drinks and that joke fell over a trash can.

guy #2: Yeh Taylor sure doesnt know how to hold her liquor.
by Gonzo the Bird July 08, 2011
Used to describe an extrememly funny occurance. Often used in reference to an inside joke between two people. May be used in groups as well.
"Jokes, Luca, Jokes!"
"HAHA, mad jokes!"
"Two cokes and some jokes."
by GypsyChild May 18, 2009
Like matchsticks of humor, jokes, when kept dry, ignite flames of laughter.
"It was just a joke!"
by nethcev! August 26, 2006
Did you hear about the two peanuts walking down an alley...
One was a salted...

by JesSJessS July 20, 2005

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